Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Real Ghostbusters

Couldn't help myself - I just had to pick up a box of the new wraithguard...

I've always loved the ghost warrior parts of the eldar army and after the new codex came out a plan to do a ghost warrior army with dark eldar allies has been brewing. The theme being a craftworld (working title Mohr-Righán) with an almost completely decimated population after a devastating Slaaneshi attack who in desperation turn to the their dark kin. And them good 'ol harlequins of course.
No conversions on these guys - just a straight out of the box build. Eldar are hard to convert and the minis are beautiful as they are... 


  1. That wraithguard looks fantastic! The models are just so nice and elegant. I am really tempted to get some myself, although I do not have too much use for them :) Ghost army all the way!

  2. Great start on the Wraithguard. I too could not help myself and got a box of them on release day. I have a collection of around 6 of the older metal versions (which are actually noticeably smaller than the new plastic ones). I am still in the process of trimming mine (they are a nice change from Dark Eldar plastics).

    1. Yeah they really are big - almost the size of the avatar.
      Lovely models to paint, although there was a lot of swearing involved when putting them together. The three piece leg setup is very wobbly until the glue has set...


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