Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cyan dwarf

Repainted the coat. 
I prefer him like this - it's closer to what I initially envisioned and looks more hi-tech which (for once) was what I was going for.

Did some weathering on the hammers hilt as well to make it less garish. 


  1. I dig it - the new color definitely makes the model 'pop' from the base more than it did.

    I just now realized that you used a necron arm as the basis for the servo arm. How did that never occur to me?! Brilliant. There's gonna be a mess of amputee necrons in my bits box in short order! Heh. Out of curiosity, where did the clampy bit come from? I don't recognize it.

    Great work, man!

    1. Thank you sir!

      The wrench is from the dwarf cannon kit, as well as the hammer. There's quite a selection of useful bits in there actually...

  2. Yep, the repaint looks better. I was going to comment on his red shoulder pads earlier, but they look just fine now.


  3. Even better as tourquoise. Good switch sir.

    Basing is rather lovely and subtle too.

  4. The cyan is definately the right choice - looks like a whole new mini - fantastic.

    I love the wear on the hammer head.

    Great conversion all round - wasn't sold at the mock up stage - but painted - he looks great.

  5. Strange how such a small thing can make such a difference - great mini.


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