Monday, June 10, 2013

Wraithguards and Vampires!

Finished the wraithguard test model this morning!
It turned out pretty much as I hoped to. Actually probably a bit better than the standard I could hope to keep up for a whole unit - let alone a whole army. Oh well...

Paintscheme is sort of Ulthwé in reverse, but with a earthy light grey instead of bone. Eldar can get a bit too slick so I added a lot och of wear and tear. 

Haven´t decided on a name for the craftworld yet. My first idea was Mohr-Righán inspired by the Morrigan from irish mythology: 
However, now I´m leaning more towards Anya-Rah. Goldstar to those who get the literary reference...

Only thing left is some sort of decoration on the loincloth. 

Also made some progress with the Psyber Vampiress - here's where she is at the moment:


  1. Cyber Vamp is looking great so far. Very eerie.

    1. And getting eerier! Almost done actually!

  2. Wow, that Wraithguard sure was assembled and painted quickly! Quite an impressive feat! I love the eye on the wraithguard's face; it gives the construct a very sinister appearance. The dark crimson on the gun and loin cloth accents the rest of the model nicely.

  3. Thanks!
    Yeah - it didnt take too long. Total painting time approx...I don't know. Five hours? Something like that.
    Most of that time I was fiddling around with washes trying to get the result I was looking for. Now when I got that down the rest of the bunch should be quicker.


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