Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mr Torture brings pain

Started work on the interrogator.Thought I'd share the process with you guys!

This is after three spray coats - chaos black, then army painter leather brown and finally a thin dusting of army painter uniform grey. 

That gave me an interresting canvas to work on. 

After the spray coats I flicked some black, brown and red paint on him to get an interresting texture and then got to work with a mix of washes and drybrushing. Only the skin had a proper basecoat (celestra grey with some red in it). 

I'm relying more and more on drybrushing and washes lately - very, very different from how I painted only a few years ago: working up to highlights from a dark base color. Here's where he's at at the moment: 

We'll see how this brute turns out. Kinda like the little bastard already though...


  1. Simply brilliant - he actually looks scary. Interesting base, with all those sprays, might have to try that out some time.

  2. Man, you are *on fire*

    Don't you have to eat and sleep, like regular folks??


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