Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walking with Brontoglorrgs

This might be wierdest creature to ever roll off this particular converters assembly line...

I'll probably write up a brief background for these foul xenos at a later stage, but until then I give you: 
Glarrg the Brontoglorrg - bountyhunter. 


  1. He might be strange - but sure is scary

  2. I really like this guy. You don't see lizardmen heads a lot in onversions, even less so in a 40K setting, so kudos to you.

  3. Thank you gentlefolk! Glad you like my monster!

    Jimmy - Yeah I always wanted to do something like this - when I was a kid I had plans for a alien bandit army in 2nd edition. I remember I wanted to put a kroxigor head on a stonetroll body and make some sort of brutish weapon platform. Never did though, because pinning. Horrible horrible pinning...

    But now we have plastic trolls and plastic cold ones... Hmmm...

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