Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Assassinatrix Mlle. Pamina De Burgh "The Red Lady"

Here she is, weak ankles and all.
The pics didn´t come out exactly the way I wanted to but these will have to do for now - at least they´re  better than what I can manage with my iPhone...

=I= Assassinatrix Mlle. Pamina De Burgh "The Red Lady" =I=

PDH dubbed her "The Red Lady"and that nickname kinda stuck. Reminds me of Poe.
And, of course, Chris De Burgh.


  1. Yeehaw! Probably the most dangerous punk rocker I've seen... Great job overall! You're master of checker painting :)

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah - she´s got sort of a punk vibe. Also, unfortunately, Jedward: http://i1.cdnds.net/11/19/550w_music_eurovision_jedward_1.jpg

  2. I absolutely love this model. The paintjob you've done on her is astoundingly good: the aquila on the side of her head is especially impressive (so small!). She does have quite a punk feel to her, which is something I really like.

    All in all, excellent work, Mr. Vader!

  3. She is really awesome, mate. Wonderful job on the modelling and painting... master of checker painting indeed :)

  4. Wow, congrats on completeing her to such a high standard. Those checks are very neatly done.

  5. Glad you like her, guys!
    About the fiddly stuff - checkers and whatnot - it's a lot easier whith a thin 005 ink pen. They come in different colours as well so they're great for drawing designs like these.

  6. Brilliant work Jeff. She does look the part very much.

  7. +1 to all of the above.... I wish I had your imagination and the skill to turn it into reality!

    Keep knocking them out mr vader... you're refreshing my desire to convert and paint more and more with every post.


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