Saturday, April 13, 2013

++ paint phase completed ++ (updated w. new pics)

....aaaaand I'm done!

Might go back and touch up some things ( not completely happy with the scribblings on the purity seals...) but for the moment I consider this guy finished...

I didn't get any name suggestions so I'll just call him Adept Prokofiev for now.

I'll take some more (and better) pictures tomorrow when the sun is up.

+ Update 14/4 2013 +

Here´s the new pics. They won´t get much better than this until I get a pro to take pictures with a real camera - the difference between my Canon Powershot and the iPhone camera isn´t really that big...

++ Mechanicus Adept Prokofiev ++


  1. Truly a stunning model! And unfortunately rather similar (if much better painted) to a conversion of my own that I'll be posting later today. And there I was, trying to be original for once. Oh well, great minds think alike and all that, I guess... ;)

    Anyway, I love the paintjob and gothic vibe of the model. Prokofiev also seems like a fitting name, somehow.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Awesome work! Lovely colours and I really dig all those tiny details everywhere. :)

  3. Your free hand on the seals is perfect. This is an Admech fellow who must have been around a long time to be so much.... mech.

  4. Thank you kind sirs!

    Kraut: love your take on this fellow, as stated elsewhere.

    Dai: yeah.. There's not much of him left He's pretty skinny underneath those robes...

  5. Jesus, Jeff - That guy is hot ! :)

    I really love that adept!

    Always a pleasure to watch the updates on our blog :)



    1. Thanks man!

      I just found your blog - great stuff so far!

  6. Amazing mini. Extremely characterfull, twisted in just the right way. Ihave not yet had time to go through the right blog, but I need to ask about the head, homemade or from where?

    1. Glad you like him!

      The head is from one of the chaos cultists.

  7. Im late to this party, but that is a fantastically atmospheric bit of work. A brilliant fusion of the best parts of the older and newer notions of the AdMech. Inspirational.

    Now I have to buy a Cairn Wraith.


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