Thursday, April 04, 2013

The good and the ugly

Started working on a version of Inquisitor Mahler in termie armour. I used the new dethwing torso with grey knight legs. Much to my surprise there was quite a lot of cutting and filing involved to make it fit. Thank the maker for books to cover up things...

Also, all but done with the KFF Mek. All he needs now is a nice officers cap.


  1. Mahler looks great so far, and the deathwing torso looks great with the GK legs. Are you going to go force weapon for his right hand, or something different?

    Also, looking at the model, I was struck by the idea of changing the toe caps to be "different", maybe like the classic Arbite feet.

  2. I'm waiting for a thunderhammer to arrive in the mail. I prefer the look of them over the nemesis hammer.

    Interesting idea with the feet. I'll have to consider that. An alternative would be to chop off the toes and replace them with something more angular.

    Thanks for the input!


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