Friday, April 26, 2013

Feelin' lucky, Punk?

Got sidetracked and converted up this former guard officer.

I love this head from the greatswords kit - it's just so expressive. All hail Brian Nelson - Lord of Face Sculpting!

Edit: it was kindly pointed out to me by Thistle over at the Ammobunker that the head in question is a Mike Anderson sculpt.
So - all hail Mike Anderson - Lord of Face Sculpting!


  1. Such a manly man wearing thigh-highs looks..... not so manly.

  2. I´m going to scult a leather cap to go with the boots...

  3. I'm loving this dude... especially the boots!
    Maybe some studs or spikes on the boots wouldn't go amiss?

    Look forward to seeing more of him :)

  4. Thanks man! I'm going to start slapping paint on this guy now. I'll post spme wips soon...


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