Saturday, April 20, 2013

Assassinatrix part 11

I did a major overhaul of this mini but now she's starting to come together...

Gave her high heels which changes the pose and feel and reworked the blade into something a lot more elegant - as contrast she received a brutal buzzsaw grafted to her left arm.

I looked a lot at Blache's Femmes Militant artwork and Mikko's fantastic Femmes Imperivm conversions for inspiration for this one:


  1. I'm really liking her now. You did the right thing when you swapped out the Nemesis blades for this one. I do find the buzzsaw a bit... underwhelming. But then again, maybe I'm too used to seeing oversized chain blades!

  2. Wow, Now we're talking :)

    I really like it mate :)
    The stab blade is really something.



  3. Blade looks far better in a slender format. Buzz saw doesn't say "Assassin" to me, more pit fighter or some such. Still, it's all fantastic work sir.

  4. Suddenly a completely different miniature. I really liked the bigger blades, but I see how this one fits a assassin better. Top notch

  5. Glad you chaps like her!

    Luke: well, as I said over on ammubunker - the saw is still the size of a dinnerplate ;-)

    Dai: true. She may be a fighter originally from a death cult and had the saw fitted after she started up that career.That or she simply does a lot of home improvement...


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