Thursday, April 11, 2013

++ paint protocol // phase 111 ++

Almost done with this guy... only the parchments, minor touchups and some freehand work left! I tested some new staedler pens on the small shield on his staff and it came out pretty good.

I really like how this guy ended up - the red brown of the mini combined with cyan/turqoise as contrast on the base and details really works...
"Red and green should not be seen" is a classic designers motto - red and cyan is apparently a different matter...

I don´t normally name minis (except for the inquisitors that I just give names from classic composers) - but I think this guy is entitled to one. Suggestions?



  1. I really love this chap, he looks fantastic. His purity seals look like little strips of copper plate, which seems fitting.

  2. Excellent paint job. I particularly like how the claw arm turned out, and the little shield on the staff is a good touch.

    However, in this picture at least, it looks like the wire holding up the wraith has been painted a metalic color close to the original wire... it might look better if it were a different color. (this might just be the picture though)

    1. Haha... Well - that´s probably because it actually IS the original wire... The glue had some sort of reaction with the spray and the paint just came off. Haven´t fixed that yet but it will be adressed shortly...

    2. haha, a excellent reason then!


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