Thursday, August 08, 2013

All you need is skive

When I'm on a roll I'm on a roll...

Hot on the decadent tails of the slaanmarine comes the next in what might eventually end up as a series of true scale renegades: 
A rather lugubrious follower of Mhorrigot. (Or just Mhorrimarine for short.)

Time for some nails and spikes...


  1. I think that the basic figure is great, but the post of his scythe arm is a bit like he is saying "hey, here is my scythe". Maybe he should be either resting it on the ground, or holding it in a way that implies he is ready to strike.

  2. Well, it IS resting on the ground - the scythe's got a sort of spur if you look closely - but you have a point. I think I'll change that to something a bit less subtle. A spear tip or something like that.

  3. Jeff, you might also want to consider flipping the scythe blade around to have it pointing backwards. Another subtle change that might "improve" the general feel. Of course, it might not, but I figure it's worth a shot.

    1. Maybe it´s a bit stiff at the moment. I´ll test some different angles - turning it to his left 90 degrees so it´s framing the mini might actually be the best alternative...

  4. Interesting conversion, kind of looks like a sentry or guardian in its current pose. It'l be interesting to see how you incorporate the nails and spikes. I think once theres some more details to draw the eyes it'l really become something special.


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