Friday, August 02, 2013

Waaaaaagh!!! Dakka-dakka-dakka!

And now for something completely different...

A big bag of bitz arrived in the mail yesterday - Bits and Kits, my bit supplier of choice had a big sale - and I managed to pick up a dakkajet fuselage quite cheap along with the engines for a storm talon. 
I been wanting to do a ork fighta ever since the kit came out so the conversion was more or less complete in my head when the parts arrived. That meant the build was pretty quick.

 A man with a penchant for cheap puns (someone like me for instance) would say this kitbash almost flew together. 

This is by no means finished - it needs riveting, detailing and lots and lots of guns, but you can at least see where its going...


  1. Absolutley awesome fella! Cant wait to see it painted up. Hows it going with your demon conversions any further along?

    1. No further progess on the the Mhorrigottii fiends I'm afraid other than a sketch of a greater daemon I did last week. I'll put it up once I jot down some info about those guys...

  2. Nice! Really digging how that's coming along - Ork conversions are always a hoot. Keep up the great work, mate!

  3. The thing that brings it all together for me is the arm hanging outside the cockpit.

  4. Yeah - that worked out well.
    It's just bluetacked on at the mo - I'll try to make it even more casual when finished.


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