Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is it about the hedge?

...aaand... finished!

The base needs a touch up but apart from that I consider this one done. 

He came out slightly redder than I had planned, but there you go. These things often take a life of their own it seems...

Name? Lugubrious I think.


  1. Fantastic metal effect on the scythe and I love the crossed sickles on the shoulder guard. Its come together very well :)

  2. I especially appreciate the chipped effect in metal - did you use a sponge to get the effect? Sponging gives marvelous results sometimes.

    He reminds me of Skeletor!


    1. Thanks!

      He does look a bit like skeletor, doesn't he?

      The chip-effect was made by painting light bone and then picking out the chips with a thin staedler pen.


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