Monday, August 26, 2013

The good, the bad and the stunty

There's a lot of conversions with no paint on them on my workbench at the monent.
Here's a few more!

First up is a acolyte-preacher:

Nurgly mutie-cultist:

And last (and least, or shortest at any rate...) Squat Hammerer:

He´s got a barrel of the 40k equivalent to Bugman´s brew with him in case he gets thirsty (Psyber-rum? Emeperor´s finest? Psyke-out brew? Romulan ale?)

I'm also working on a Sickle-Kin of Mhorrigot, but I'm not very happy about it at the moment so I'll wait with posting til I get it sorted out...


  1. Great work, loving the acolyte especially, where's the armful of scrolls from?

    1. Armful of scrolls is from the Celestial Hurricanum.

    2. Indeed it is. Managed to find some of those arms on a bitz site!

  2. Romulan ale should be illegal!

    Fantastic stuff as always, especially on the preacher.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad ya like 'em!!


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