Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pretty in pink

Just got back home and made some progress on the Emperors Children Marine:

What do you guys think of the colorsheme?


  1. I like it because, while it is unmistakably Slaanesh, it is also not the usual Slaaneshi colour scheme. I look forward to seeing him/her/it finished!

  2. A blue-back combined with the usual Slaaneshi colours of pale pink and brass?

    I approve!

    I also really like his face, the sculpt (and your lovely brushwork) have made it seem really malleable and distorted. :)

  3. Thanks boys and gals!

    I'll just carry right on then!

  4. Sanguinary Guard torso?!? That's just awesome. Great idea.

  5. I really like the sculp and the conversion, same goes for colour-scheme but think i would add more bright/rich to the metal and go for dark red instead of pale red for linecloth.
    Wonder if it will be powersword and what coloyr?.. ))


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