Thursday, October 22, 2020


Hi again!

The summer wasn't a particularly productive period from a hobby perspective, but once the cold autumn winds started to blow things have picked up somewhat! 

In September and October I've been trying to get the marine-y stuff from the Indomitus-box painted up - aiming for a patrol size force of Metatron chapter Astartes. So far I've finished:

The three Eradicators. Who are awesome models - there's something very old-school Jes Goodwin-esque about them I really like. They're just bad-ass. Especially the sergeant - he reminds me of Wayne England's classic Deathwing terminator-sergeant from Space Hulk.

A six marine squad of assault Intercessors.

A Lieutenant, based on one of the Blade Guard models. 

It should be noted I really like the Blade Guard in general. However, I feel the models are somewhat ruined by the ludicrous and misplaced holster between their legs. It looks highly impractical (even for 40k) and furthermore like they're trying to compensate for something... Also the placement of the tilt-shield on the chest instead of the shoulder pad looks off and, again, impractical. Let's hope the multipart models are more customisable. In this instance I managed to get rid of the stupid holster, but removing the tilt-shield was a different matter so it had to remain where it was. 

On to the miniatures:







I've also done some simple, but quite serviceable new terrain for Warcry out ot cork-sheets and some left over terrain kits. Dead cheap, lightweight and looks quite nice on the battlefield.

Next up are the three Primaris bikers from the Indomitus-box, plus a Chaplain converted by mixing parts of the chaplain from that kit with the body of the Judiciar. Plus some other odds and ends from my ever growing bitz-box. 

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Friday, July 10, 2020



So I as usual it's been kinda quiet on this here blog for the last couple of months. If you want to keep track of what I'm doing I'd recommend following me on the instagrams, as I actually update that account pretty frequently.

Anyway, to get this blog up to date, I thought I'd just make a big ol' dump post with all the stuff I've been working on.

To begin with I did a few more sisters, including a Shield-maiden converted from the awesome Triumf of Saint Katherine set. A set which the nice people at Warhammer Community kindly sent me.


Then there were a bunch of new Deathwatch models. I just love doing these - I'm aiming for a small, patrol size army.


After the Inquisition I made a 180 and turned to Chaos. Inspired by the 28 MAG Mhorrigot competition, I finally, after years and years, completed an actual Mhorrigotii-daemon. Pretty happy with the result. I added wings as that just helped sell the model as a daemon, and distance it from the original nighthaunt model.


And finally, a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, I got a very large and heavy box in the mail. What could it be?
Well, it turned out those previously mentioned fine people at Warhammer Community had sent me nothing less than the brand new 9th edition 40k box!

Here's what I've done with it so far. The assault marines (whom I love) are of course painted up as Metatron marines. The Necrons are test-paints - still haven't quite landed on a scheme for them, but I do like the one with the red lights...


And... that's it for now! I'll be back in another few months. Or not.
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Take care and stay safe!

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Hi all!

Head on over to 28 magazine and check out their new Fifth Chaos God challenge, inspired by Mhorrigot, the patron deity I cooked up a few years ago. I'll serve as supreme judge, jury and executioner for the contest entries.

A Nurgle contest would perhaps have been even more fitting during the pandemical circumstances, but everybody should at least have plenty of hobby time these strange times.
Really looking forward to see what people come up with!

Stay safe and wash your hands!

Thursday, February 20, 2020


Finally the Metatron Deathwatch squad receives some much needed heavy support. This in the form of Battle Brother Korngold and his trusty frag cannon, with which he frags things up.

This sonuvvagun took ages to paint for some reason, but at least he turned out alright. The kill team is slowly, but steadily, growing...

Monday, January 20, 2020


This weekend I picked up the new Adepta Sororitas box and quickly glued together a battle sister.
As quickly as possible at least - these models are extremely fiddly when you've gotten used to primaris scale marines...

Here's the test model. She's painted using a similar technique as the marine in my last post, and almsot exclusively using contrast paints.

Like the marine the model is undercoated with Zandri Dust spray, and then given a semi zenithal spray of Wraithbone. This provides a nice creamy base colour to work from. Then the armour and cloak/habit is sponged with dark brown to provide weathering. The armour is drybrushed with pure white and then given a generous coat of Apothecary white mixed with Skellie horde (plus some medium to dilute it). The deepest recesses are painted Basilicanum grey to provide contrast after which the edges are highlighted with white.
The habit is painted with several coats of Cygor brown and shaded with diluted Wildwood, which provides a warm, earthen, leathery colour.

Pretty happy with the result! Haven't come up with a name or iconography for her Order Minoris yet. It'll probably be something angelic and biblical to continue the theme I started with the Metatron chapter.

More to come as GW was kind enough to send me a box of the jaw dropping Triumph of Saint Katherine. I'll be using the models from the kit as separate characters, as I lack the patience for larger dioramas...

Friday, January 10, 2020


Happy new year everyone!

I kicked off 2020 with another Deathwatch astartes for my growing Metatron killteam.

This guy is called Battle Brother Steiner, named after the Austrian-American composer Max Steiner who, among other things, wrote the score for original King Kong. He's the second in the unit to wield one of the awesome, and borderline comically over-sized, heavy thunderhammers. I just love them in all their over-the-toppy warhammeryness.

The contrast range has really helped upping the saturation levels of my paintjobs and they're amazing for painting faces. I went for a slightly slicker, 'eavy metal-esque, look than usual, just to see if I
could do it.

After Steiner, which took me two-three nights to paint (so around ten hours of work) I wanted to do something quicker.

So, I set myself a challenge and tried to paint a marine in two hours. In the end it took me three hours to get the whole model finished, base and all, but I'm still pretty happy with the result. I just made up the chapter on the fly so there's no real thought behind it other than I wanted to experiment with painting off-white. Maybe it's a successor chapter to the Metatron.

Here's what the model looked like at the two-hour mark.

And here's what it looked like after basecoating. I started with a solid coat of Zandri Dust after which it received a lighter semi-zenithal coat of Wraithbone. This gave me a nice creamy bone colour to work from.

I'll be back soon with some Adepta Sororitas!

Thursday, December 05, 2019


Like everyone and their uncle, I'm very much anticipating the upcoming release of the new Sisters of Battle. I recall how much of an impact they did when first released back in the late 90's, and this new range promises to be as amazing and revolutionary as Jes's original pewter models.

So, to warm up I painted the Sister Superior released earlier this year.

The colour scheme turned out great - she's mostly painted with contrast colours and Apothecary white really is one of the most useful paints in the range. Unfortunately the head tilted slightly when the super glue set, so the final model has a slightly different angle than originally intended. You can see clearly on the test-fit shot how much difference a few degrees does - the model has a completely different vibe. I can't fix it without breaking the model so I'll just have to live with it, but honestly it bugs the hell out of me...

Oh well. Plenty more sisters to come!

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Monday, December 02, 2019


Suddenly, out of nowhere: it's an update!

Sneaky Deathwatch operative Kilar strikes out of the shadows, armed with his trusty Stalker-pattern bolter. This model for my long gestating kill team has been sitting half-finished on my desk for ages and finally I got him painted.


There's more power armoured stuff to come, though of the more feminine variety. As always stay tuned...

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