Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Mordheim MMXIX logo by Tammy Nicholls

This summer a bunch of enthusiastic hobbyists (including some of the very same madmen who concocted the original game) will meet up in Helsinki for what promises to be a truly spectacular Mordheim campaign. Celebrating the game's 20th anniversary, Mordheim MMXIX (or Mordheim 2019) will be set 20 years after the events of the original game in the apocalyptic, breughellian, ruins of the City of the Damned.

The architect behind the campaign is none other than my buddy Alexander Winberg, and you can read all about it on his blog Echoes of Imperium: MORDHEIM MMXIX

My plan is to field an undead warband, led by a sinister vampire. So far I've finished a lowly dreg, and converted an even lowlier zombie.

Monday, January 07, 2019


Happy new year folks!

I really don't feel a need to do a written recap of 2018 as it's pretty easy to survey the year by looking at archive to the right. It's only 9 posts all in all so a written summary feels rather superfluous...

Not to say I've been completely idle - I managed to partake in two big event games in Nottingham, finish a squat-themed Inq28 retinue, the beginnings of a Nighthaunt army, a primaris based deathwatch squad, a board and lots of terrain for Kill Team, and last, but certainly not least, the enormous Great Unclean one.



However, this year I'm resolved to be more productive than last year.

I kicked off 2019 by adding a new recruit to my long gestating mercenary gang. He doesn’t say much and admittedly keeps some weird habits - but he’s nice to have around in a gunfight.


This year will also see the calamitous Mordheim MMXIX event in Hel(l)sinki. More on that later on...

art by Wayne England, Rogue Factor and Tammy Nicholls, remixed by Alexander Winberg