Monday, January 20, 2020


This weekend I picked up the new Adepta Sororitas box and quickly glued together a battle sister.
As quickly as possible at least - these models are extremely fiddly when you've gotten used to primaris scale marines...

Here's the test model. She's painted using a similar technique as the marine in my last post, and almsot exclusively using contrast paints.

Like the marine the model is undercoated with Zandri Dust spray, and then given a semi zenithal spray of Wraithbone. This provides a nice creamy base colour to work from. Then the armour and cloak/habit is sponged with dark brown to provide weathering. The armour is drybrushed with pure white and then given a generous coat of Apothecary white mixed with Skellie horde (plus some medium to dilute it). The deepest recesses are painted Basilicanum grey to provide contrast after which the edges are highlighted with white.
The habit is painted with several coats of Cygor brown and shaded with diluted Wildwood, which provides a warm, earthen, leathery colour.

Pretty happy with the result! Haven't come up with a name or iconography for her Order Minoris yet. It'll probably be something angelic and biblical to continue the theme I started with the Metatron chapter.

More to come as GW was kind enough to send me a box of the jaw dropping Triumph of Saint Katherine. I'll be using the models from the kit as separate characters, as I lack the patience for larger dioramas...

Friday, January 10, 2020


Happy new year everyone!

I kicked off 2020 with another Deathwatch astartes for my growing Metatron killteam.

This guy is called Battle Brother Steiner, named after the Austrian-American composer Max Steiner who, among other things, wrote the score for original King Kong. He's the second in the unit to wield one of the awesome, and borderline comically over-sized, heavy thunderhammers. I just love them in all their over-the-toppy warhammeryness.

The contrast range has really helped upping the saturation levels of my paintjobs and they're amazing for painting faces. I went for a slightly slicker, 'eavy metal-esque, look than usual, just to see if I
could do it.

After Steiner, which took me two-three nights to paint (so around ten hours of work) I wanted to do something quicker.

So, I set myself a challenge and tried to paint a marine in two hours. In the end it took me three hours to get the whole model finished, base and all, but I'm still pretty happy with the result. I just made up the chapter on the fly so there's no real thought behind it other than I wanted to experiment with painting off-white. Maybe it's a successor chapter to the Metatron.

Here's what the model looked like at the two-hour mark.

And here's what it looked like after basecoating. I started with a solid coat of Zandri Dust after which it received a lighter semi-zenithal coat of Wraithbone. This gave me a nice creamy bone colour to work from.

I'll be back soon with some Adepta Sororitas!