Thursday, March 28, 2019


Does your eyes deceive you? No, they do not - for I am back with yet another of these, increasingly sporadic, blog posts! I sure long for the times I could update the blog on the fly using a phone app...

On to the models. Hobbying has been as sporadic as the updating, but I have actually managed to crank out some stuff the last few months. To begin with two finished character for my incipient Mordheim MMXIX undead warband. A humble zombie and a slightly less humble necromancer, based on the nifty new gene-cult Locus.

I've decided to use the wraiths from my fledgling Nighthaunt-army as count-as dire wolves, as the models are simply too cool not to use.

Furthermore, I've been playing a lot of Kill-Team lately and have been having some fun with the new Mechanicus Sector terrain. I'm pretty pleased with the refinery I bashed together, even though the ruin and larger building admittedly is bit more pedestrian. They work really well in-game though - here seen housing a mob of Ork Kommandos. (Sorry for the varying quality of the images here - photographing terrain is different from snapping pictures of models)

Last but not least, my pals at Warhammer Community sent me a little gift:

I'm simply in awe of the new Abaddon. I love that it sticks so close to the original model, only turning it up to ten - but not, as I feared, eleven. There's a restraint to it. Big, but not gigantic, detailed, but not cluttered, dynamic, but not standing-on-one-foot-jumping etc.
It's the perfect update on a classic, and among the top ten GW miniatures ever. Vastly superior to the action figure-like Guilliman; this is a proper MODEL - not a toy.

Not sure what I'll do when it comes to painting and modelling. I might paint the old bastard more or less straight out of the box, or convert him into some kind of warpsmith-style dark mechanicvm character. We'll see.

That's it for now. I'll be back in a month or two. In the meantime be sure to check out 28 Mag - the new online magazine about all things grimdark: