Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A candle in the darkness

The candle toting mutant is all but finished. Theres only a little work left on the base (and maybe his feet needs a slightly different colour - his browness is perhaps a tad too uniform...)

Anyway here a first peek - I'll take some better pics tomorrow when he's completely finished and the sun is up.

New pics from all angles. I like him - he doesn't have the moviestar looks, but he has a certain rugged charm.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Go ahead - make my day!

Finished with the officer (if thats what he is - he would work as a rouge trader with a military background as well).
Classic red/black/brown/bone paintscheme with cyan as a spot colour for contrast. Works every time.

Botched the checkers on this one though. Oh well...
Might do some heraldry on the right shoulderpad at a later stage but for now I'm calling this guy done!

Officer in progress

Painting has commenced on the guard officer.
Added lots of details before I started slapping on the acrylics - augmented eye, sashes, parchments etc. All to make him look more a part of the 40k universe.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Feelin' lucky, Punk?

Got sidetracked and converted up this former guard officer.

I love this head from the greatswords kit - it's just so expressive. All hail Brian Nelson - Lord of Face Sculpting!

Edit: it was kindly pointed out to me by Thistle over at the Ammobunker that the head in question is a Mike Anderson sculpt.
So - all hail Mike Anderson - Lord of Face Sculpting!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Candle in the wind

Changed the right hand so he's holding a candle after a suggestion from Bruticus over at the Inq28 forum at The Ammobunker...
This is becoming a more complex conversion than originally intended - as is the way of these things.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The mutants are revolting

After The Red Lady I decided to do something a bit different. So, inspired by Krauts style of mutants, I cobbled together this freaky little bastard...

Assassinatrix Mlle. Pamina De Burgh "The Red Lady"

Here she is, weak ankles and all.
The pics didn´t come out exactly the way I wanted to but these will have to do for now - at least they´re  better than what I can manage with my iPhone...

=I= Assassinatrix Mlle. Pamina De Burgh "The Red Lady" =I=

PDH dubbed her "The Red Lady"and that nickname kinda stuck. Reminds me of Poe.
And, of course, Chris De Burgh.

Weak ankles

The assassinatrix is more or less complete, but work came to a sudden stop when disaster struck - I accidentally broke off her feet from the base. Her apparent weak ankles has been mended with superglue and luckily the trauma didn't leave any visible scars. She's currently resting up after the operation.

Hopefully it wont happen again ( and if it does I now know a quick remedy...)

Anyways - here's a sneak peek. I'll get proper pics tomorrow with daylight and a proper camera.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The lady in red

Painting has commenced on the assassinatrix. Initially I thought she was going to be black-blue but somehow she turned red as soon as I started...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Assassinatrix part 11

I did a major overhaul of this mini but now she's starting to come together...

Gave her high heels which changes the pose and feel and reworked the blade into something a lot more elegant - as contrast she received a brutal buzzsaw grafted to her left arm.

I looked a lot at Blache's Femmes Militant artwork and Mikko's fantastic Femmes Imperivm conversions for inspiration for this one: http://spikyratpack.blogspot.se/2013/03/death-walks-on-stilettos.html

Friday, April 19, 2013


Started work on a death cult assassin. Dark eldar legs, hellion torso, daemonette head with rebreather and flaggelant arms with force falchions in a underslung fashion.
There will also be cables. Lots of cables.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inquisitor Mahler 2.0

The hammer arm arrived today so I could continue construction on Inquisitor Mahler Mk.II. All he needs now is his servo skull buddy and perhaps a targeter eye or something like that and then it off to the spray tan saloon...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mek construction

Here's the finished KFF mek. I found some 1:35 scale ww2 russian officers caps that fit right in with my "deffstarz" theme...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

++ paint phase completed ++ (updated w. new pics)

....aaaaand I'm done!

Might go back and touch up some things ( not completely happy with the scribblings on the purity seals...) but for the moment I consider this guy finished...

I didn't get any name suggestions so I'll just call him Adept Prokofiev for now.

I'll take some more (and better) pictures tomorrow when the sun is up.

+ Update 14/4 2013 +

Here´s the new pics. They won´t get much better than this until I get a pro to take pictures with a real camera - the difference between my Canon Powershot and the iPhone camera isn´t really that big...

++ Mechanicus Adept Prokofiev ++

Thursday, April 11, 2013

++ paint protocol // phase 111 ++

Almost done with this guy... only the parchments, minor touchups and some freehand work left! I tested some new staedler pens on the small shield on his staff and it came out pretty good.

I really like how this guy ended up - the red brown of the mini combined with cyan/turqoise as contrast on the base and details really works...
"Red and green should not be seen" is a classic designers motto - red and cyan is apparently a different matter...

I don´t normally name minis (except for the inquisitors that I just give names from classic composers) - but I think this guy is entitled to one. Suggestions?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't quit your day job.

Some of you might be interrested in what I normally do when not crouching under a table on all fours searching for a small piece of grey plastic.

I work as an illustrator, nowadays mostly with childrens books, but I've also done a lot of stuff for computer games, roleplaying games and film.

The worlds Games Workshop created has always been a source of inspiration for me in my work and references to it pop up in the most unexpected places - especially when I do concept art. I often try to do designs that would work as a miniature - strong silouettes, easily read and less cluttered than your standard computer game charachter. Jes is obviously an inspiration in this regard...

Anyway - here's a link to my official homepage: www.egerkrans.com

++ paint protocol // phase 11 ++ (updated)

Work continues on the ad-mech wraithy thingy.

I also converted another henchman. Looks like a mutie or possibly a failed space marine cloning experiment. Or something.
I'll probably field him as a crusader though.

+ Updated, slightly better, pic +

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Raiders of the lost art(work)

I´ve been on a bit of an art hunting spree these last few days... Yesterday a shiny new Blanche Gallery went up and today the Jes Goodwin Gallery got updated with lots of new artwork.

It is peculiar though how hard it is to find quality images of Jes´s concepts - especially since GW often post them on their site. You´d think the interwebs would be brimming over with them - sadly that seems not to be the case...

So... if any of you guys or gals have some crackin Goodwin art laying around on a harddrive somewhere please let me know!

Blanche Gallery

Today I put up a new gallery dedicated to the undisputed King of the Servo-skulls, the Master of the Macabre, the Lord Illuminator of the 41st millenium.

Ladies and gentlemen - I give you mr John Blanche (esq):

=I= Blanche Gallery =I=

Monday, April 08, 2013

++ initiate paint protocol // phase 1 ++

Painting has begun on the tech-wraith. Have to admit it is a bit daunting as I'm quite fond of this conversion and really don't want to mess it up...
But he's looking pretty good so far.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Inquisitor Mahler

Snapped some new and improved shots of Inquisitor Mahler, so I thought I'd post them as a followup to yesterdays post.

Here you go - Inquisitor Mahler of the Ordo Malleus. I see him as a venerable old inquisitor that somehow has managed to stick to his puritan (albeit moderate) beliefs. An Eisenhorn that hasn't fallen in to radicalism if you will.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

The good and the ugly

Started working on a version of Inquisitor Mahler in termie armour. I used the new dethwing torso with grey knight legs. Much to my surprise there was quite a lot of cutting and filing involved to make it fit. Thank the maker for books to cover up things...

Also, all but done with the KFF Mek. All he needs now is a nice officers cap.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Na na nana na na nana daaaa... Fatman!

Here's fatty in all his corpulent glory. I'm not really super pleased with the paintjob. Something that at least in part has to do with that I made the mistake of buying GW brushes this time and there's just something about them that bugs me... They're to long and narrow compared to the winsor & newton sable brushes I normally use.
Excuses excuses...