Sunday, August 21, 2016


I finally got time to finish the feeble spearman. Pretty pleased with how he turned out - there's just something so delightfully wonky and awkward about this bloke.

And here he is next to the swordsman:

These first two are more or less pure fantasy/medieval. Which is all fine and well, but I'll be mixing in a bit more dark futureness from now on.   

Pilgrym report #2

The Wier bros. have written an excellent report from the Pilgrym game. It's up on Iron Sleet, and is accompanied by lots of pretty pictures in glorious technicolor:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nice place to visit - wouldn´t wanna live there

It really wasn´t planned but suddenly I found myself hunched over my wacom drawing a map for Outgard (or at least the northern part of it). Every fantasy world needs a map I guess - it´s almost like a law of nature.

Here you go. Clickable for a biggerized version for your convenience.

I´ve never really been that fond of drawing maps, not even during my days of roleplaying, but I got to admit I had a jolly good time creating this one.

Aesthetic of the Pathetic

Outgard mini two ready to be painted. 
Really went to town with the "aesthetic of the pathetic" on this poor spearman (a term John Blanche always uses to describe his preference for creating huddled wretches over more powerful characters). 

Not sure about the shield. He looks weaker without it - which is a good thing in this case...

Monday, August 08, 2016


Outgard, a world locked in primordial superstition. A world bereft of the light of the Emperor. A world of wytches.

It is said a god and a goddess once walked the land with their nephilitic hosts. They united the world before returning to the heavens to wage war upon the falcon god. 

The guardians they had left behind withered and died as all flesh will. Their deeds soon became legends, and eventually even the legends were forgotten.

The aeon of the falcon changed the world and the wytches came forth and now Outgard is trapped in it's own violent dream.

There will be no new dawning, there will be no new hope, there will only be stagnation.

Pray sons of men and daughters of women. Pray for the dying light.

(text by Alexander W)

Outgard is a new collaborational project set on a medieval world somewhere in a remote corner of the 40k universe. Bands of fighters struggle in the ruins of a once great but now forgotten civilisation searching out loot, wytchtek and generally doing their best to survive in this hellish feudal world. 

Expect wytches, monsters, vampires and those brave, embittered souls who hunt them. Of course underneath it all is the ever present taint of chaos.

The raving madmen behind this endeavor are as follows:
  • Alexander L aka Hrosshvalur. 
  • Mikko and Kari from Iron Sleet
  • Erik aka Nordic
  • Alexander W aka Alexander / Alex

And me of course plus some guest stars to make surprise appearances.

Here´s my first conceptual mini - a humble wytchhunter hired sword. I tried to keep the palette very earthy and Brueghelesque similar to his painting of Dull Griet pictured above.

Stay tuned for more medieval madness! You can follow the progress of this project as a whole on the Ammobunker:

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Pilgrym: Battle report

The Pilgrym write-up is finally up on Iron Sleet!

 Migs has gathered tons of photos and notes from the sprawling game and have done a great job turning them into a comprehensible story. Head on over to Iron Sleet and give it a read. I think you get a pretty good picture of just how crazy and tumultous the game was...

Iron Sleet: The -P- game