Thursday, February 25, 2016

Foul magicks

Well this one sure took it's time! 

I've been working with the Nurgle sorceror in shorts bursts for more than a week. Somehow I had trouble finding the  zen-state that usually allows me to sit engrossed with a mini for an entire evening - this was more of a "an hour here, an hour there" affair. Perhaps it's due to all the tiny details - there always seemed to pop up new little trinket I'd forgotten to paint...
Calling this one done (only thing missing are the oregano leaves on the base) - time to move along to the chaos warriors. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Wind of Change

Master modeller Nordic / Erik is back with an update on how things are progressing with his enigmatic tzeentchean warband! I´m just amazed by the the inventiveness and skill on show here...
Over to you Erik:

I have returned with a new batch of warped and twisted minions of the Lord of Fate!

Kithelon of the Aether! He/She/It is ready for painting. I have used the torso from the Gaunt Summoner, a hand from the spirit hosts and the staff top is from the varanguard box, turning it into sort of a halberd. the skirt is from the Vampire Counts Coven Throne. I never thought I would get any use from the skirt but when I saw it in my bits box it just clicked.
The Steed is inspired by the Aboleth from Dungeons and Dragons.

I have fishified the trolls some more and added more chaosy weapons as per Alexanders suggestion. ;)

I am ridiculously happy with my sorcerer, Feldrek Flameborn, I twisted his arms into a more open pose so that the face isn't obscured by swords, staffs and hands.

The Thugs/Ungors are finished! They are basecoated first with chaos black, then army painter Leather Brown from the sides and from the top I sprayed Army Painter Bone. Then they're mostly painted with washes and highlighted with pallid wych flesh.They were very quick to paint. I did these ten guys in a little over a day. I am very happy with them and I am glad that my paintscheme worked out!

I have been lacking in motivation lately since i've only been building stuff and I guess I've gotten a bit tired of it because I haven't really felt like I've made any progress. But now that I've started painting I feel the creative juices flowing once again!
Until Next time!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


To cold to spraycoat today, so I glued together a couple of chaos warriors. 

That's it for today folks. Move along. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wizard of Ooze

While slowly amassing the chaos warriors - trying to create an interesting diversity within the unit - I took a break and cobbled together this Sorceror of Nurgle. 

There were tons of different ideas for this one - I had plans on basing him on everything from the trusted cairn wraith to the goblin shaman. In the end though, I decided to put my extensive bitz box to use, and based him on an old stormvermin/ork torso splice I found at the bottom. 
Quite happy with the end result!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Morbus Gravis

After a quick trip further north for some brisk ski-related activities, I'm back at the painting table and more leisurely endeavors. 

Last night I painted up the aspiring champion for the chaos warrior unit. As the deadline for the project is drawing closer I didn't want to spend to much time on him, so this was a fairly quick paintjob of about 3-4 hours. 

Pretty pleased with the result all in all (though he's perhaps not the most inspired model in the warband).

He does work rather well next to his underlings though. 

Also, on popular demand, here's a better picture of the standardbearer and his moldered plaguebanner:

Next up - plague sorceror!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Fly my pretties

It took me a while, but the blightking unit is finally done.

Muscomorphus is the standardbearer for the blightkings, carrying a tattered, filth-encrusted banner surrounded by a constant swarm of buzzing flies. So dedicated to the lord of pestilence is he that his very visage has taken form of an insect, acting as an icon for his patron. 

Here's Muscomorphus along with the whole five man (thing?) unit:

And here they're joined by their lord and master, Mawgut Gloop - who's recieved a shiny new (and suitably imposing) 50mm base. 

Now I've only got to make eight chaos warriors, a plague sorceror and three trolls...