Sunday, March 31, 2013

You're the one for me Fatty

Painting has begun on the fatman. Begun that is - I soon realised that all my brushes were more or less on their last leg so new ones have to be purchased before any further progress is made.

Also fixed the wrists on the the truescale marine and changed the halberd to the one with all the purity seals and parchments trailing off it.

Size does matter

Got a few boxes of plastic soldiers for my birthday (I can't beleive how happily my friends indulge in my nerdiness... ).

With all that new raw material I decided to finally have a swing at a truescale marine (apparently they're all the rave these days...). He's made using terminator legs and the rest is normal marine parts. I've added small discs of plastic at the arm joints and where the hands meet the armour though to bulk him up. The hands themselves are also terminator size from the GK termie kit.
All in all a pretty quick and surprisingly effective conversion.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fat Bastard

Today I made a fat guy.

The gangs all here

Snapped some group shots of the crusaders in all their glory. The squad is a mix of recent and a bit older models but they work pretty well together methinks.

Back from Bologna

Just got back from the chilren's book fair in Bologna which I had the privelige to attend this year. I've probably gained three kilos in as many days from all that great italian food... (and wine...)

Once back I decided to finish up the crusader.
Experimented a bit on this one - the shield designs are not painted on with a brush but rather drawn with a staedtler pen. You have to let it dry completely though which I learned the hard way so it came out a bit smudged. In other words the technique isn'r exactly oerfected yet but it does however show promise.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The shakes

I celebrated my birthday this friday so I had to stow away all my miniature utensils, and yesterday I was quite frankly too hungover to get any work done...

Today, however, I did manage to snap a few shots of some minis.

First up is a Ordo Malleus inquisitor I made six months ago. I kinda like him but I'm not happy about the face so he'll probably get the same head swapping treatment as the crusader captain. The paintjob could use a few touch-ups as well...

The two others are about three years old. A Ordo Hereticus inquisitor and one of his acolytes. I'm quite fond of the flaggelant kit as you might have noticed - there's just so much personality in them.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Small, but deadly

Almost forgot! I snapped some shots of this wierd little fellow.

Also an older model from my former Daemonhunter retuine.

Slow, steady progress

Work on the crusader is coming along nicely. I used some of JRNs techniques on the armour (you find them under tutorials on his webpage: and I'm really pleased with the results so far.

Also sprayed the techwraith and the grumpy crusader. Unfortunately I botched the undercoat on Grumpy somewhat - it came out way to thick. Hopyfully I can save that in the painting stage...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Praise the Omnissiah!

Fantasy Flight announces that Relic, their 40k version of talisman, will be out this week. I´m admittedly  giddy as a school girl as I´ve been looking forward to this game for more than a year...

Check out the link for a nifty little video explaining how the game is played.

They also released the full rules in a PDF which you can find here:

I can see myself converting up a whole bunch of characters for this game in the future....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More old stuff!

As promised here's some more old stuff.

A couple of Grey Knights including Brother Grieg - the justicar for my terminators.

Two inquisitor retuine characters - a guard veteran and a freaky little mystic I'm quite fond of.

Theres also an Inquisitor (Inquisitor Wagner - I tend to name them after classical composers if that has somehow escaped you) that I'm not at all fond of. Sometimes a mini just doesn't come out the way you wanted it...

Send in the goons

I thought I'd celebrate yesterdays sudden rise in interest for this blog with a bunch of old crap!

These minis are a few years old from when I had just started to get back to "The Hobby". Hence their somewhat crude appearance.
Or perhaps I should say even cruder...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Grumpy crusader

Finished up converting a new crusader. Cultist body, marine arms & head from the Empire general.

I have to do a group shot of this jolly bunch once they're all painted up...

Bless the (model)maker!

After Migsula so kindly mentioned Officio Convertorum over at interest in this little side project seems to have picked up. I had more hits today than in the three weeks the blog's been active combined... I celebrate this with a new and improved blog header.
Thanks Migs!

I also received some new bits in the mail today. They will form the basis for a squad of death cultists.
Good day all in all.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Cleetus the chrono-gladiator in glorious technicolour.

He so crazy.

Camera! Lights! Action!

I normally take photos of my minis with my phone. This has two main reasons :

1. I can upload them easily via the blogger app
2. Because I actually think the macro on the iPhone 4 camera is pretty good.

Today, however,  I experimented a bit with my "real" camera (a Canon Powershot S95). It´s still just a compact camera so the difference isn´t that big but combined with some Photoshop work the pics came out pretty good.
The question is if the quality difference is big enough to motivate all the extra work...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brown is the new black

Work is progressing fast on chainsaw guy.

Historically I always work from a black undercoat, but from the results of this experiment I can see a lot of brown in my future. It feels more natural in some way - its a more neutral basecolour to work up from. That makes it easier to get smooth, subtle blends and avoid the overly hard contrasts you sometimes get painting on black.

Anyhoo... Enough colour theory. On to the pics.