Thursday, October 22, 2020


Hi again!

The summer wasn't a particularly productive period from a hobby perspective, but once the cold autumn winds started to blow things have picked up somewhat! 

In September and October I've been trying to get the marine-y stuff from the Indomitus-box painted up - aiming for a patrol size force of Metatron chapter Astartes. So far I've finished:

The three Eradicators. Who are awesome models - there's something very old-school Jes Goodwin-esque about them I really like. They're just bad-ass. Especially the sergeant - he reminds me of Wayne England's classic Deathwing terminator-sergeant from Space Hulk.

A six marine squad of assault Intercessors.

A Lieutenant, based on one of the Blade Guard models. 

It should be noted I really like the Blade Guard in general. However, I feel the models are somewhat ruined by the ludicrous and misplaced holster between their legs. It looks highly impractical (even for 40k) and furthermore like they're trying to compensate for something... Also the placement of the tilt-shield on the chest instead of the shoulder pad looks off and, again, impractical. Let's hope the multipart models are more customisable. In this instance I managed to get rid of the stupid holster, but removing the tilt-shield was a different matter so it had to remain where it was. 

On to the miniatures:







I've also done some simple, but quite serviceable new terrain for Warcry out ot cork-sheets and some left over terrain kits. Dead cheap, lightweight and looks quite nice on the battlefield.

Next up are the three Primaris bikers from the Indomitus-box, plus a Chaplain converted by mixing parts of the chaplain from that kit with the body of the Judiciar. Plus some other odds and ends from my ever growing bitz-box. 

That's it for now. As usual - if you want more regular updates, and more pictures, check out my Instagram: