Monday, September 10, 2018


Progress on my kill team has slowed down to a crawl, as work and real life suddenly have reared it's ugly head after summer vacation.

I have managed to build a fifth member for my kill team though - the squad zealot and chaplain in training, armed with a mighty heavy thunder hammer. I almost changed the head of the hammer as it's just so ridiculously oversized, but in the end I decided to keep the thing out on account of it's utter badassedness. The crew is sorta kinda battle-worthy now, clocking in at 85-isch points. I will make a few more marines though to have some options when fielding them - namely a sniper and a heavy gunner.

Here's the whole kill team in all it's glory. From left to right:

Battle Brother Komeda (combat specialist), Battle Brother Desplat, Sergeant Dukas (leader), Battle Brother Silvestri and Battle Brother Zimmer (zealot).