Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Three down...

Two to go, for a full squad.
After that we´ll see what happens - might do more of these guys or move on to something else. I´m sort of waiting for the full kit so I can really go to town on some properly sized deathwatch models. In any case I´ve got some of my hobby mojo back!

Friday, July 21, 2017

And they shall know no fear

Wow. Haven´t updated this poor blog since mid-april. I guess time flies when your work consists of drawing pterodactyls...

But - nothing to shake one out of ones hobby slump like the arrival of GW´s first official true scale marines!

As far as I'm concerned the sculptors utterly nailed the stature and proportions of these guys - they´re exactly as big as I've always felt an astartes should be. The primaris are simply great models (if a bit too "techy" for my taste). The contrived background for them is another story, but that´s been discussed to death elsewhere. I´m just gonna ignore it and view these as regular properly dimensioned marines.

So without further ado here´s my first take on the new and improved defenders of humanity. It's built straight out of the box, apart from the helmet which I swapped for a Mk IV (my favourite mark).

The iconography and paint scheme was inspired in part by the bearded true scale Questing Grey Knight I did a few years ago.

Not sure about what I should call the chapter, but leaning towards "Metatron something, something" (Metatron as we all know being the biblical archangel acting as The Voice of God). Either Knights of Metatron or Sons of Metatron - or simply the Metatron chapter. Something along those lines at least.