John Blanche. What can I say...
This guy is where this all comes from. The Alpha and the Omega of everything Warhammery. 

There´s just something special about John´s artwork that has always captivated me. It´s like the images are bursting apart at the seams with an overload of sheer insane creativity. I fell in love with many of these images as a child, and the´re still an inspiration for me 20 years later. They´re also one of the main reasons I now work as an illustrator.

One of the most fantastic, and also quite unexpected, consequences of me starting this blog are all the friends I´ve made in the Inq28 community - including the big man himself. 

I should point out that I nicked most of these from the excellent blog Gothic Punk. Link to the left. There´s tons more over there - this is just a small selection of my favourite pieces...



All images are © copyright Games Workshop  


  1. There is such number of miniature ideas there, thats not even funny ;D

  2. John Blanche original Illustrations depicting the scenes from The Hobbit;

    'The Battle of the Five Armies'
    'The Destruction of Numenor'

    Both are due to go on sale 9th December 2014, Sotherby's London.

    If this is of interest please feel free to contact me further

  3. You may well like this-

  4. Oh wow. I'm so glad that I just found this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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