Saturday, March 28, 2015

Interitus heavy support walker

The brilliant new mechanicvm models (if you haven't seen them - head over to the GW homepage NOW!) inspired me to have a swing at some large scale kitbashing. Here's what came out of last nights frenzied gluing and bluetacking - a still very work in progress legio cybernetica heavy support walker:

Here with a servitor next to it as a size reference: 

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Convertorum

Just a small heads up regarding a slight name change...

As of today "Officio Convertorum" will be known as the somewhat less unwieldy "The Convertorum".
(Mostly because that seems to be what people are calling it anyway...)

The blog itself will remain the same mix of pictures of tiny model soldiers and semi-incoherent ramblings, only with a lot more mechanicvm models as they are apparently right around the corner...

The Omnissiah be praised!



Friday, March 20, 2015

Two down...

Here's the converted Solitaire in all his desaturated glory. As with the slaanmarine I'll wait until the end of the Invitational to show him in full colour. 

I've deliberately kept him clean and avoided any diamond patterns or large free hand designs. A solitaire rune on his chest and a small diamond on his left spaulder will have to suffice for now. I might go back and paint a slaaneshii rune on the back of his coat later on though. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Invitational Solitaire

Here's my second take at a converted solitaire using a wrack mask and elf archer legs. 

I must confess to appreciating the decidedly non-dynamic pose of this guy after working with the super-jumpy harlequin kit for a while...

Friday, March 13, 2015


As many of you might already know, Sir Terry Pratchett passed away yesterday after an eight year battle with Alzheimer's. I´ve really got nothing more to say, other than that I loved the guy to bits.

Kraut has posted a characteristically eloquent obituary that, as a fellow non-english speaker, pretty much sums up my own feelings: rest-in-peace-terry-pratchett/

Henry South is auctioning off his Blanchitsu models to gather money for the Alzheimer´s Society: win-my-blanchjitsu-models.html

I leave you with the final, very fitting, posts on his twitter account:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Solitaire Strikes

The Eldar have always been close to my heart and perhaps particularly so the enigmatic Harlequins ( the word "enigmatic" has to be used at some point when discussing the Eldar...)
Now harlies were among of the first GW models I painted - including that awesome smiling jetbike. A friend of mine had the big harlequin box and the WD with the Rogue Trader rules and I was completely mesmerised by the imagery, the background, Jes´s models and the 'eavy metal teams exuberant paintjobs. 
Unfortunately I'm a bit conflicted about GWs new harlequin release. My thoughts (rant mode warning...) on this matter can be found in the comment section on my buddy Kraut Scientists most excellent and comprehensive review of this release: 
Suffice to say my two gripes about the models boils down to two things: 
- The over dynamic (and sometimes ridiculous) poses. 
- The strange shape of the masks. They have an unescessary rim that goes around the underside  softening their profile and making them look like they have a double chin. (This can easily be rectified by carefully scraping the lower rim away.)

That said, these were issues that applied to the previous finecast incarnation of the Harlequis released in noughties so it's really not something new and the new versions are multi pose plastic so they're at least easier to tweak. In the end I just had to get a box to see what I could do with them - they are a treasure trove of bits and with some modifications, careful posing and a headswap or two you can make some truly spectacular pointy ears.

Here's my first attemt at a solitaire using a head from the dark eldar witch elfs:

Here she is showing off against the great enemy:

After struggling with the domino pattern on her right leg I have a newfound respect, bordering on awe, for the 'eavy metal painters. Doing such microscopic checkers like those on the studio army would have driven me insane...

Sunday, March 08, 2015


I'm in Blanchitsu again!

This months Warhammer: Visons devotes a whopping eight pages to Inqusitors Carax and Kushing and their cohorts. 

I'd like to take this oppurtunity to thank John for featuring me yet again and to the WD team for taking such lovely pictures of my models! 

Saturday, March 07, 2015

One down - two to go.

Hi folks!

The first invitational entry is now painted! 
I wont post him in all his technicolour glory until the end of march, but here's a desaturated preview for you good folks. 

Not quite there with the base though... I feel it misses something. Perhaps some scattered leaves would look good. But - apart from that I consider this one done!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

An Inviting Marine

Good evening folks!

As requested here's a turnaround of the slaaneshi marine for the Iron Sleet Invitational. 

And here's a black and white preview of the painting in progress. The observant among you might notice that the wires in his belly has been greenstuffed over. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Invitational first look

Kari, Mikko and Migs over on Iron Sleet have just posted the contributions to the 1st Iron Sleet Invitational.
And what a post it is - the brilliant conversions and minis on display is a feast for ones eyes! Head over there and have a look if you don't believe me:

My initial idea of three different Xenos was unfortunately scrapped. I had lots of plans and ideas but just couldn't get them to work like intended and soon I became stressed about the whole deal. To add injury to insult I manged to break the Hunter (the only mini I was even remotely pleased with) while working on it. 
I decided to call it quits, take a step back and do something else for a while. 

But in this dark hour the Prince of Chaos came to the rescue! Earlier this year I made the Diva, a follower of She who Thirsts, for a contest on the ammobunker. The big stormfiend conversion - with the talos helmet on - had a sort of slaaneshii look to him... 
I also had a lot of fun with my other chaos themed retinues ( Nurglii and Mhorrigotii) but had never done much with Slaanesh, except for a slaanmarine quite a while back. 

So the decision was made, a Slaaneshii gang it was! 

With the change of theme I got my mojo back and soon these three miscreants stood on my desk:

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Still going strong

Yes folks - today Officio Concvertorum celebrates its 2nd anniversary! 

I've had a great year - if not quite as intensely productive as the blogs opening annum. Still, with about 80 posts posted this year, around 260 followers and close to 400.000 views I feel its safe to say the Convertorum is very much going strong. This little sideproject of mine has certainly grown into something not quite so little at all...

And how better to celebrate this than with a picture of something I received in the mail from Nottingham a few days ago: 

That, my friends, is a genuine John Blanche original. 

And I think that is the best thing about the Convertorum: all the friends I've made. Among those the living legend whose remarkable scribblings now adorn my wall.