Monday, December 11, 2017


Hello boys and girls!

As usual I haven´t posted in a quite a while now - my day job drawing monsters for a living takes all my creative energy at the moment. I do hope I´ll be able to get back to painting and converting come 2018.

I do have something to show you though. A while ago the talented photographer named Måns Danneman shot a selection of my miniatures for an article in the Swedish RPG and gaming magazine Fenix. Link here:

Now that the issue featuring my models is out, and as a majority of the people who follow this blog probably doesn't subscribe to this particular publication (what with most of you not living in Sweden and all) I thought it prudent to put up the photos here as well. The also turned out a little dark in print so the this might be interesting for those of you familiar with Fenix as well. And they´re certainly a hell of lot easier on the eyes than my usual cruddy iPhone pictures.

So, without further ado here´s Måns's pics of my figures.

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Acteon Servitor

Bellator Sanctorum

Blightking I

Blightking II

Flash Git


Merc I

Merc II

Merc III

Machine Cultist

Machine Cultist

Plagueborg I

Plagueborg II

Plagueborg III

Sinestro Assassin

Genesplicer Symmachus

Skitarii and Acteon Servitor

Friday, October 13, 2017


This weekend a hearty bunch of hobbyists met up in Helsinki to take part in Tor Megiddo - a completely insane multiplayer Inquisimunda game (mixed up with Gorkamorka rules for all the crazy vehicles and riders) set on the desolate industrial planet Tor Megiddo.

It was a total blast - literally, as the game ended with one of my frenzied Nurgle cultists firing an appropriated battle cannon at the main prometheum stack, which of course caused it to detonate and take half the battlefield along with it. Good clean fun.

Ana of Gardens of Hecate fame, has posted a great write-up on the game so head over there to read it - others will certainly follow.  Gardens of Hecate - Tor Megiddo

I´ll just post some of my own pictures here and would also like to take the opportunity to thank Alexander Winberg for arranging this spectacle. Now feast your eyes on all the amazing miniatures that turned Tor Megiddo´s orange sands red!

Monday, September 25, 2017


Finally managed to get this guy finished! It took seemingly forever to paint, but ultimately I think it was worth it.

Went for a slightly sleeker, less gritty, look for this one compared to the other Metatron marines as befits the technologically advanded black opsy Deathwatch.

The Metatron and the Ordo Xenos have extremely close ties, and almost all veterans in the chapter has served in the Deathwatch. Many of them are granted the right to wear the black livery even when they return to their home chapter.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Rotstalker II

It certainly seems I´ve got my hobby mojo back! Haven´t been this productive in a long time, and though much of this creative energy is focused on the slowly expanding primaris astartes force there´s a back log of finished or semi finished conversions that also deserve some attention.

For example this rotstalker for my long gestating plagueborg gang who´s been sitting on my desk for at least a year. This weekend I finally found the inspiration to give it a lick of paint.

Here he is with his counterpart, painted two years ago. No1 is among my favourite models so it´s hard to beat. But, while Rotstalker no2 isn´t perhaps quite as effective an conversion as the first one, I do like his creepy withered tiny arm...

The plan is to field these guys in the Tor Meggido game in october. The minis has been produced a model here and a model there over a period of about four years but I find them surprisingly cohesive despite of this. Guess my style hasn´t changed that much.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reiving and pillaging

The first rievier squad is done! Had a go at batchpainting the last three but to be honest I think it´s more time effective to paint them individually as I find working on several models at the same time so abysmally tedious...

Oh well - this small army is now up to ten models with more on the way!

I´ve also started work on a Deathwatch lieutenant - I´ll have a few of these guys in the army as the idea is that the Metatron has extremely close ties with the Ordo Xenos and virtually all of the chapters veterans has served in the Deathwatch. Some are allowed to retain their armour and equipment when they go back to the home chapter.

Last but not least (though somewhat vertically challenged compared to the primarines) is a hardy squat warrior I threw together for my long gestating band of mercenaries. He´s based on one of the new Duardin Overlords with a headswap and armed with a Phobos pattern bolter - incidentally my favourite bolter design.

Really like how this crew is shaping up - there´s something no-nonsense and down to earth about these guys.