Monday, December 11, 2017


Hello boys and girls!

As usual I haven´t posted in a quite a while now - my day job drawing monsters for a living takes all my creative energy at the moment. I do hope I´ll be able to get back to painting and converting come 2018.

I do have something to show you though. A while ago the talented photographer named Måns Danneman shot a selection of my miniatures for an article in the Swedish RPG and gaming magazine Fenix. Link here:

Now that the issue featuring my models is out, and as a majority of the people who follow this blog probably doesn't subscribe to this particular publication (what with most of you not living in Sweden and all) I thought it prudent to put up the photos here as well. The also turned out a little dark in print so the this might be interesting for those of you familiar with Fenix as well. And they´re certainly a hell of lot easier on the eyes than my usual cruddy iPhone pictures.

So, without further ado here´s Måns's pics of my figures.

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Acteon Servitor

Bellator Sanctorum

Blightking I

Blightking II

Flash Git


Merc I

Merc II

Merc III

Machine Cultist

Machine Cultist

Plagueborg I

Plagueborg II

Plagueborg III

Sinestro Assassin

Genesplicer Symmachus

Skitarii and Acteon Servitor


  1. Beautiful; the Acteon Servitor remains one of your finest triumphs. You should return to the plagueborgs, though, too - so much potential.

    1. Cheers Tim!
      I agree. Ish.
      While the Acteon is arguably one of my most sucessful builds, paintingwise it's a bit too busy I feel - I should have gone for a more limited palette.

      The plagueborg are just so much fun. They'll always be room for more of them. Papa Nurgle is generous after all...

    2. Oh, wait - sorry: yes, I agree, I was reading the wrong titles. I meant the chap below him - the Bellator Sanctorum. I think you're right about the Acteon, almost one colour too many, or maybe the hazard stripes, I don't know. It's difficult with those robots - we're so unused to seeing medieval heraldry that it already looks strange (and often garish), but in combination with a very sci-fi chassis, it starts to look so busy, and just weird.

    3. Ah. Wel there you go then.

      The Bellator is nice, but I think my favourite of this batch is the bearded, shotgun wielding merc. There's just something very human, yet totally badass about him.

    4. You do make brilliant 'normal' guys, though.

  2. Wow, wow , wow and finally wow!!!
    Well worth waiting for.

  3. What a beautiful collection, love it mate!

  4. Absolutely spectacular - Always love your stuff and those pics really show off all the goodness!

  5. Really beautiful! Some of them are classics -at least for me. The Acteon definitely is. Your blog was jointly responsible for me to return to model making. As for many others too, I'm shure.

  6. Lovely collection! So many triumphs and so many good memories of seeing them on the field of battle.

  7. Cheers guys! Glad to finally have some proper photos of these!

  8. Been following your blog for a while, really enjoy your work my friend.

  9. Sorry for the double post - what is the gun that Plagueborg I is armed with, I cant place it.

    1. I think it's from the Skaven Stormfiends.

    2. No, it was made from ork bits as I recall.

  10. looking at merc 1, trying to dissect the parts. I think I've got everything but the legs, are they old High Elf archer legs?


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