Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hellboy 20 years

This might be rather unrelated to wargaming, but my favorite comic book "Hellboy" (and, incidentally, the favorite of just about every other illustrator I know...) celebrates it's 20th anniversery this year. 

This is a big thing for me. Few things, except perhaps 40k, Star Wars and Bruce Timm's Animated Batman, has influenced me as much as an illustrator like Mike Mignola. Therefore I naturally wanted to celebrate this bidecennial in some way. So, without further ado - here's my homage to Mike's greatest creation:

Happy birthday Red!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Grey Knights for sale!!

As might have been mentioned I'm moving out and as usual in such circumstances one often takes the oppurtunity to get rid of some unecessary baggage.

One of the things I'd like to get rid of are my Grey Knight strike force. The main reason being that the truescale bug has got a complete hold over me - I'd like to start over using only biggerised marines and contemptor dreads with a new paint scheme similar to the questing knight. 

So, who wants to buy these guys (or know someone who might want to)? 

Strike Force Grieg

5 man Grey Knight strike squad Ravel

 5 man Grey Knight strike squad Holst

6 Grey Knight Terminator squad Grieg

Venerable Dreadnought Brother Dvorak

I have no idea what to charge as I've never sold painted minis before - if anyone's interested just give me an offer and we'll figure something out. The cost of the actual kits is roughly 1200 SEK / 130 € / 110 £. It's up to the potential buyer to judge what the paintjobs and conversions might be worth...

Drop me a line if interested!

van Kushings retuine

Took some group shots of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor van Kushing and his merry band of men. 

I stress men as I strongly feel this retuine needs a feminine touch. Not sure what to add though - perhaps the sister repentia I made a while ago, perhaps an eldar advisor or a female mystic of some sorts - I'm open to suggestions!

From left to right: Executioner Maunsell, Private Lister, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor van Kushing, Battle-brother Sirius and Operative XIII.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Who watches the deathwatch?

The urge to paint something suddenly struck! I looked around on my desk and my eyes fell on the truescale deathwatch marine I converted a while ago and has been standing there since then, undercoated and unloved.

Say hello to Brother Sirius of the Deatchwatch. He supposedly belongs to a secretive dark angel successor chapter with stronger than usual ties to the Ordo Xenos.

The greenstuff work on his legs is admittedly complete crap - sculpting flat armour surfaces are just not my thing - but I tried to cover that up (he might receive a cosmetic purity seal or two as well...)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not dead - only resting

I've had a hectic start of the year. Selling and buying apartments in Stockholm is a nervewrecking affair and the sums involved are astronomical...

That's probably the main reason things have been a tad quiet around here lately - I simply havent had peace of mind to sit down and focus on modelling. Other reasons are work and, admittedly, a slight fatigue after last years rather frantic pace of miniature production...

However - there is some progress. Here's a new gun servitor at the assembly stage. Nowhere near done, but I like him so far...