Ian Miller is utterly and completely bonkers. No one draws crawling chaos, crumbling medeival cities and menacing trees like him. 

Come to think of it no one draws like him, period



  1. Ian Miller is definitely another one of the most legendary artists that has worked for GW. Every time people say the word, "Grimdark", they should be paying royalties to Mr. Miller. His art is the very definition of the expression. Beautifully twisted stuff.

  2. I really wish they could bring more of this style into the models for chaos, you can only do so much fine detail in 28mm plastic, but the khornate architecture on the first image is the absolute authority.

  3. "Ian Miller is utterly and completely bonkers."
    Yup, sums it up pretty well. An absolutely amazing artist. There is something about his art that suggests Hell does exists, it's worse than we think, and he has seen it ^^

  4. The Windmill is my favourite piece of art, of all TIME. Ian Miller is a legend, and I hope one day to get a print of his work that I can proudly display.

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