Friday, October 13, 2017


This weekend a hearty bunch of hobbyists met up in Helsinki to take part in Tor Megiddo - a completely insane multiplayer Inquisimunda game (mixed up with Gorkamorka rules for all the crazy vehicles and riders) set on the desolate industrial planet Tor Megiddo.

It was a total blast - literally, as the game ended with one of my frenzied Nurgle cultists firing an appropriated battle cannon at the main prometheum stack, which of course caused it to detonate and take half the battlefield along with it. Good clean fun.

Ana of Gardens of Hecate fame, has posted a great write-up on the game so head over there to read it - others will certainly follow.  Gardens of Hecate - Tor Megiddo

I´ll just post some of my own pictures here and would also like to take the opportunity to thank Alexander Winberg for arranging this spectacle. Now feast your eyes on all the amazing miniatures that turned Tor Megiddo´s orange sands red!