Thursday, June 30, 2016

Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros

"He shall have a great doom upon his brow, he shall be a witch of great power, he shall be altered in the physical form, he shall be able to talk and walk with the animals” 

Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros is the master of the Black-aarke Garm's Maw and one of the Ordo Opscuros most zealous members. Originally a hard line Thorian serving as a daemonhunter in the Ordo Malleus, he's become more and more radicalised since joining the Ordo Opscuros - a minor ordo monitoring the black ships, notorious for their incarnationist agenda. He is now for all intents and purposes a devout Horusian, plying the stars searching out wytches and psykers that could serve as a Divine Avatar. A vessel powerful enough to contain the Emperor reborn. 
Lazaros has served the Inquisition for over 300 years and at this point he's more machine than man, the few remaining organic body parts are encased in a towering exoskeleton.

Here he is next to Quartermaster Clavius and the pilot Eliakim. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Veteran finished

Finally back to painting!

Recap of the background:

The Veteran the sole survivor of an entire stellar legion. The rest of the grand army he belonged to got wiped out in the pandemonium of the mysterious event known as the Fourth Conflux. 
He carries the weight of two million mens failure on his shoulders in the form of the bones of soldiers from the annihilated regiments. 

Tired and weary he presses on - his final mission to lay down the remains of his battle brothers at the steps of the imperial palace. 
He is his late comrades only hope for redemption in the eyes of the Emperor.