Thursday, July 21, 2016


Wow. What a trip. 

I just got back from Nottingham and a Pilgrym event that can only be described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
Formulating any coherent account, apart from superlative ridden tirades about how awesome everyone who contributed to this is, is completely beyond me at this time. In other words you'll have to wait for a true recap.

I can say that Lazaros and his cronies did rather well - as a matter of fact he managed to abscond with the pivotal Pilgrim. Not only did that grant me the "victory" (though I think everyone who played were winners) but as a price I recieved a rather nice gift...

Thank you John, Migs and Pete for making this happen.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Comtessa Sarastra of House Granicus

In just a few days the ambitious Pilgrym project will reach it´s conclusion in Nottingham after half a year of frantic planning and modelling in basements and workrooms scattered across the western hemisphere.

I´m leaving for England in about twelve hours and just finished the last member of my Black Arke crew - the navigator Comtessa Sarastra of house Granicus.

She really feels like the perfect mini to cap off my part of the project. Eldritch and otherwordly she towers over even Lazaros himself.

Here´s Lazaros and crew in a group shot. I´m quite pleased with how they look all together - the more limited black/red palette makes them a lot more unified than my retinues usually are. I´m sure there´s a lesson to be learned here somewhere...

And here´s my small contribution to Terras teeming masses of pilgrim NPCs. They´re just two but I think that they compensate that with an abundance of character...

Now I´d better start packing! I´ll be back with a report from the game itself soon.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Psykonaut II

 I decided the psykonaut needed a buddy! 

Painted in record time no less - about three episodes of "Salem" (45x3 minutes). Bam!

Now I only have to paint the navigatress and the crew's ready to take on Terra! 

She's the groups second "larger than life" character, standing even taller than Lazaros. I was kinda conflicted about using the techpriest legs as they've already been featured on several amazing pilgrym models, but they just suited the mini so well. I wanted her to look warped and otherworldly - a bit like my old space-vampiress - and the swooping techpriest legs were perfect for that. 

Monday, July 04, 2016


The Nihilatron, or Null-drone, is made from the sacred remains of a martyred Sister of Silence and projects a small psychic null-zone. While not nearly as powerful as a true living null-maiden it's still a potent weapon against wyrds and daemons.

The Null-drone also retains a spark of the sisters essence making it semi-sentient. This allows it to operate much more independently than a standard servoskull.


Sunday, July 03, 2016


Here's the fourth member if Lazaros Black Ark crew - a highly expendable crewman armed with a las-carbine. 

Basic crew on the blackships are called Psykonauts. Bred partly using recovered genetic material from psychic nulls, subjected to heavy conditioning and brain surgery, they are unusually resistant to all forms of warpcraft.