Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Codex: Inquisition


Codex: Inquisition

Apparently a brand new Codex: Inquisition will be released later this month in the form of one of these newfangled digital codices.

I´ve longed for a codex focusing on the inquisition as an organisation of its own ever since 2nd edition so this, in my view, is as it should be. The split into "daemonhunters" and "witchhunter" (and, I suppose, never realised "xenoshunters") always felt somewhat counterintuitive to me.

So. Until we get more info on this I don´t have much more to say about this other than "huzza!"


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Assassinatrix Mk II - part III

Here's the finished assassinatrix!

Well, more or less, I realised there's a few detail left after taking the photos...

Anyway, here you go:

I'm also working on this repentia model based on the new witchelves:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Assassinatrix Mk II - part II

Hi again!

I finished the assassinatrix yesterday and gave her an undercoat. Or rather three if them... 
Thought I'd show off how I sprayed this gal:

I began with a normal chaos black undercoat, taking extra care to keep it fairly thin. After that had dried I sprayed a thin coat of army painter leather brown from a horisontal angle, and then finally army painter bone from above.

This process gives the model natural looking highlights. Which means you dont need many coats of colour on top of this - the blending is already done. Many areas just require a wash to give it a tone and a line highlight or two. 

Here she is after a few hours of painting:

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Assassinatrix Mk II

I just couldn't resist buying the new Witch Elves (despite the box being...well, let's just say "a tad overpriced" and leave it at that...).

Anyway - here's the start of my first conversion using the kit:

I took a lot of inspiration from Mikko Loumas "Death Walks On Stilettos" sculpt and, of course, the John Blanche painting that in turn inspired that model.

Friday, October 11, 2013


And... Done!

Until I think of a better name he shall be known as "Mr. Snuffles".

Monday, October 07, 2013

Size matters not

The cherubivm is done!

Added the obligatory nest of cables and some parchments. 

I gotta admit I've grown very fond of this nasty little guy. Might be one of my favourite conversions ever actually...

Now - let's hope I don't screw it up in the paintstage...

Knight and angel

Made and painted a body for the "tutorial head". And in record time methinks. 

Quite pleased with this one. 

I also cobbled together a freaky little cherubivm to keep him company:

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Good Knight - part III

Forgot to post the pics of the finished Questing Knight...

Here you go:

I call him a Questing Knight and should perhaps explain that:

Sometimes a Grey Knight encounter a particular daemon (often the one whose name the Knights name is based on) with which they form a special kind of antagonistic bond. They become each others nemesis. 

The knight may in some cases take leave of the chapter and become a Questing Knight - sworn by oath to hunt down his nemesis or die trying. 
Slay the dragon as it were, although princesses are seldom involved...

They're forbidden to rejoin the chapter until they've completed their quest. Such starfaring marines often join up with inquisitors who can help them with information and resources, as they're completely cut off from their chapter.

Friday, October 04, 2013

How To Paint Heads - the Jeff Vader Way!

I've been asked to do a tutorial on how I painted the head on the truescale Grey Knight.

Now, obviously that's already done and I didn't document that process so I undercoated my other favourite noggin' from the new sternguard kit (the bald grumpy one) kept my camera close (well... IPhone...) to document the procedure and got to work. 

So listen up boys and girls - here's "How To Paint Heads - the Jeff Vader Way!"

1. Give the head a light undercoat. 
I used army painters bone-colour spray on this guy as I wanted him to have a very light, slightly unhealthy skin tone. He spends a lot of his spare time on Titan instead of the beach, so he doesn't catch much sun.

2. Basecoat the non-face stuff. 
In this case I gave the bionics and neck bits a neutral dark grey coat. 

3. Wash the face with seraphim sepia. 
Take extra care around the eyes and mouth and give it a few extra coats there so the features really pop.

4. Wash #2 - the features like mouth and eyes gets a wash of agrax earthshade. This is a pin point wash, painted only in the recesses.

5. Highlight #1.
Highlight using a mix of skull white and bone.

6. Highlight #2, glazes and fiddly stuff.
Highlight with pure skull white. Parts like the nose and ears get a thin glaze of reikland fleshshade to add some variation in his flesh. Those parts are often a bit rosier on most folks. Don't ask me why... I'm a painter - not a doctor! 

The eyes were washed with a similarily thin coat of nuln oil (he's spends a lot of time in dusty libraries on Titan so he has bags under his eyes). 

I also picked out the whites of his eye with skull white and added a pupil in black by swiping a very thin brush downwards over the white. This really is the fiddly stuff - I can barely make out the eye on this guy without a magnifying glass. I basically just point the brush in the right general direction, look away and hope for the best... Use the Force, Luke.

7. Other details. Painted the bionics and lens.
The mechanical stuff was washed with. Uln oil, edged with a mix of silver and dark grey, and finally with silver. The lens was painted deep red, recieved a blotch of orange in the lower right corner and a prick of white in the upper left.

8. Clean-up. 
There was a stripe of black under his eye from when I painted the pipil, so I carefully painted some dark brown there, followed by a mix of dark grey and turquoise. 

Aaaaaand... Done! There's some red left under the lens as you can see which will need to be adressed. Other than that - we're finished. 

There you go. Thanks for watching.
Now get painting!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Good Knight

Just got back from the Gothenburg book fair (think Games Day for books only 20 times bigger...). 
It was quite an ordeal, as usual, but a lot of fun and my book was very well recieved. 
Which, of course, was nice. 

Anyway - back in business. Drax is undercoated, but I haven't quite figured out the paintscheme for him yet... So, in the meantime I picked up a new veteran marine head and a old semi-painted truescale grey knight that's been standing around giving me a bad conscience. Here's where he's at presently:

I actually tried to paint the eyes on this guy, but these new models have such delicate features it takes only a few coats of paint to cover up the finest features. He does have whites and black dots for pupils, but if they're where the eyes originally went is a completely different matter...