Saturday, August 23, 2014

Showdown at Cephiivytra

A few weeks ago I met up with a few likeminded hobbyists at Warhammer World in Nottingham to partake in a truly spectacular Inq28 game. 

The scenario took place on the war torn world of Cephiivytra, and revolved around a mysterious dark eldar artifact pitting radical and puritan factions of the Holy Inquisition against the eclectic forces of the Mechanicvm

Batting for the radicals were my Inquisitor Carax who joined up with Migsulas heretical Inquisitor Silas. Tammy (Tears of Envy) and PDH commanded the puritans while Tim (Tears of Istvaan) and John Blanche represented the Mechanicvm. Neil 101 also came along throwing in some of his truly amazing constructs to the mix. 

+Johns astounding board - painted specifically for the occasion+

+Neils completely bizarre constructs+

+Johns mechanicvm+

+Johns giant arco eviserator+

+PDHs mechanicvm altar and servitor NPC+

+Johns arco-tank+

+Migsulas gruesome deamonhost+

+Carax and friends line up for the camera+

+Inquisitor Silas and retuine advances+

+Tims amazing mechanicvm centaurs+

+PDH's mechanicvm market+


+The macguffin of the scenario - a strange dark eldar soultrap coveted by Carax+

This is not meant to bea battle report - I just want to show some inspirational pictures of the event - but when the dust had settled the artifact remained in the hands of the Mechanicvm, Carax had found himself in the custody of the agents of the Inquisition, while Silas managed to sneak away. 

You can find more pics from the event on my co-conspirator Migsulas blog "Legion of Plastic":

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crazy eyes

Finally got this little bugger painted... Went for a quick and dirty blanchesque paintscheme on this one. 

Gotta admit I'm quite pleased with his wild staring right eye...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More nurglies

I should really get on with Inquisitor Concorde - the mini is primed and ready - but feel more like painting something a bit more quick and dirty.

So, enter these two freaks. Nurgly muties seems to have become my go-to theme whenever I feel stuck in a rut...