Monday, August 28, 2017

Rotstalker II

It certainly seems I´ve got my hobby mojo back! Haven´t been this productive in a long time, and though much of this creative energy is focused on the slowly expanding primaris astartes force there´s a back log of finished or semi finished conversions that also deserve some attention.

For example this rotstalker for my long gestating plagueborg gang who´s been sitting on my desk for at least a year. This weekend I finally found the inspiration to give it a lick of paint.

Here he is with his counterpart, painted two years ago. No1 is among my favourite models so it´s hard to beat. But, while Rotstalker no2 isn´t perhaps quite as effective an conversion as the first one, I do like his creepy withered tiny arm...

The plan is to field these guys in the Tor Meggido game in october. The minis has been produced a model here and a model there over a period of about four years but I find them surprisingly cohesive despite of this. Guess my style hasn´t changed that much.


  1. gross but totally awesome and grimdark

    1. Yep - that pretty much sums up what I was aiming for!

  2. Great to see your hobbying mojo back and the group has a brilliant overall aesthetic.

  3. Mate, that teeny arm is a great idea.

    Always like seeing your Nurgle stuff, glad the mojo's returned.

    1. Hehe. Yeah - it screamed out for something twisted and creepy, but I still didn't want to go full on mutant. The vestigal arm was the perfect compromise.

  4. Great looking minis, inspires me to do something creepy and a little gross with some of my spare parts. Keep it up.

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