Monday, March 12, 2018


Hello boys and girls!

It sure took some time but now I'm finally finished with the Great Unclean One which GW kindly sent to me as part of their new early reviewer scheme. As the model's been out for quite some time now this is hardly an early review, but there you go.

The thing is absolutely massive and not being very used to big kits, the process of painting it was something of a start and stop affair. It was fun though and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The kit itself is great and was surprisingly easy to put together.

I think the design works pretty darn well, though it does suffer from the same overly cartoony look that's common to almost all recent Nurgle kits. Nurgle is supposed to have a certain wry sense of humour, but that should also be tempered by malevolence and unnerving body horror. The sculpt is just a bit too jolly for my tastes. But all in all, and like I said in the precvious post, the GUO is a worthy kit none the less.

Here my take in all its putrid glory (and sorry for the so-so photos - the thing is hard to photograph properly with an iPhone):

 Did I mention it's really, really big...?  It's really, REALLY big.

I´ll be back soon with some new squats for the Colossi of Rhossum game. Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful and disgusting! I really like the contrast between the glossy reds and the matte brown of the scabby areas. The zits are almost too convincing.

  2. That looks absolutely amazing!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Stylishly done! I agree with the comment about the overly-cartoony look for the new Nurgle kits (Horticulous Slimux = Turbofast), but you’ve added just the right amount of horror to this one.

  5. Sick. I absolutely love the organic quality you achieve with your paintjobs. Tidy.

  6. Best paint scheme I've yet seen on this kit. Nicely done mate!

  7. I really like the dinamic (yes, dinamic) feeling of the model, just changing the hand

  8. Cheers guys! Glad you like it!

  9. Incredible paint job. I especially like him next to his little mate.

  10. He's looking absolutely fantastic, Johan -- but then, that was a given, wasn't it?

    I also think your paintjob does everything that's necessary to mitigate the cartooniness.

    Brilliant work, as per!

    1. Cheers Krauty! Glad you approve!

      I think the resculpted mouth helped as well - as well as gitting rid of the secondary weapon. The flails and whatnot makes the model a bit cluttered.

    2. Personally speaking, I couldn't possibly leave the flail off, seeing how it brings the model closer to the Wayne England artwork ;)

      That being said, those pudgy fingers arguably work just as well on their own as one of the (secondary) weapon options :)

    3. Actually, while I love Wayne Englands artwork, that particular illustration isn't among my favourites. This Tappin piece is more in line with how I think a GUO shoukd look:

  11. Smashing! The gory belly mouth is perfect.

    About the only criticism I can offer is that the links of the mail (on the rear) are too dull, and are a bit hard to make out with a first glance. Even rusty mail should have bright bits where it rubs against itself.

    1. Cheers mate!

      Hmmm... I think the mail is about as dull/shiny as the sword, which felt fitting. Definitely got shiny bits to it but not exactly squeaky clean... I think your problem may have more to do with the photo though.

  12. Amazing. I'm sure you've been asked before but how did you paint that skin it has so mich detail and your transitions between colours is fantastic

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