Monday, May 06, 2013

Carte Blanche

To put things in perspective:
There's this guy I once saw a documentary about. He paints miniatures. Like miniatures of  miniatures - tiny tiny sculptures, fractions of a millimetre high.

Some would fit in the eye if a needle. Some are smaller. He paints between heartbeats - the extra blood in the fingertips during a beat makes the brush wobble. A brush made from the hair from the leg of a mosquito no less...
True story.

Now. This canvas is a whopping 9 times 12 mm. Huge by his standards - he could probably fit the entire roof of the sistine chapel there.

However, I'm not that guy - so I struggled quite a lot getting this at least vaguely right.

I don't think it's going to get any better than this. At least I'm taking a step back at the moment...
I'll try try to get some better shots tomorrow though.

Anyway - I give you the illustrious mr. John Blanche.


  1. Fantastic work, particularly when you see it at miniature scale.

  2. Shit, man! That is awesome on so many levels :)
    I bow to you, Sir.

  3. Alter! Ähm...Man!! This is one of the greatest and coolest and most epic things I've ever seen. This is an epic of epic epicness! :D *needtoshutmymouthnow*

  4. Awesome! Great job!


  5. Emperor's balls, that is fantastic!

  6. Yay! You used my idea! I'm honoured that I was able to make a contribution to this work of art, even in the tiniest way. Brilliant execution. WAAAAYYY better than could ever have been imagined.

    Now... if only we could get "Saint Blanche" written into the 40K fluff, somehow...

  7. Hi Mate,

    This is really an impressive feat of work!
    When you consider the scale and detail of this painting, is just really stunning :)

    Title is epic btw ;)



  8. Thanks a bunch guys!

    And thank you Kelly and Lasgunpacker for suggesting Blanche!

  9. Great job - very impressive miniature replica of John's work! I'm sure he will be very impressed flattered when he sees it!



  10. Just found your blog and am going through the archives - I'm LOVING the work you're doing and this is definitely outstanding. Keep up the great work, man!

  11. Very cool - nice tribute! /Hans


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